TLC Way Back-feat.-Snoop-Dogg
TLC Way Back-feat.-Snoop-Dogg

TLC are “Way Back” to the old-good 90’s

In 2015 TLC decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for their last album, they never thought that it will be the huge success that it was but they almost get 500.000$ for a total of 4.201 people included the singer Katy Perry from an initial goal of 150.000$.


Two years after that, the album is done and we finally have the pleasure to hear their first single “Way Back”, a total throwback to the old-good 90’s. That feeling of happiness and sexiness all over the track that’s so infectious.


The album will be released on June 30th and you can see all the updates about it in their Kickstarter page for the project (some of the information is only available for the backers).


Enjoy the wonderful “Way Back”:

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