Troye Sivan do it again with massive pop anthem “My My My!”

Since the release of “Blue Neighbourhood” in December of 2015, Troye Sivan has genuinely become one of the only excellent male artists out there. Everything about his work is always on point and his message as an openly gay artist is so important nowadays for young people.


“My My My!” has come to the world breaking the universal rules of only releasing new music on Friday’s, but we forget him for bringing us a massive pop anthem at the level or even superior of “Wild” or “Youth”.


This new track embraces a darker synth-pop sound with massive chorus, leaving the strings and that youthful atmosphere of “Blue Neighbourhood” behind. A natural growth for his career, turning into a new sound that leads us to a new more sexual self-appreciation era for Troye Sivan’s music. I mean you only have to pay attention to the lyrics to see that is all about freedom, liberation and love.


Enjoy ear-worm bop “My My My!” and his unapologetically homoerotic video below:


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