veiles rejects the pretentiousness of heartbreak songs on her honest debut single “You & Me”

“You & Me” is the debut single of Danish indie-pop artist, veiles. A brilliant and honest track that rejects the pretentiousness of most debut singles to show part of her story as an artist through simplicity and sincerity. veiles definitely commands the song with a fragility that is pleasantly infectious. 

veiles, Esther Møller Fogh, was born in Aarhus, Denmark but is currently living in the German capital of Berlin. She’s a self-taught songwriter, and with the guitar between her hands, she explores her heart and mind while writing heartfelt stories through captivating pop melodies. 

I often feel like the main character in a film, running head over heels through the airport to stop the plane and declare my love to that one special person onboard. Out of breath, I reach the gate. It’s closed, the plane is off, I’m too late. That’s life and love – it happens right in front of you and when you least expect it. So, I wrote ‘You & Me’ as a reminder that true love does exist.” 



Enjoy “You & Me” by veiles below:

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