Vyolet releases a new ethereal and hypnotic single titled “Honey”

Laura Spira, aka Vyolet, has just released her luxurious new single “Honey”. A haunted and ethereal track that really builds up the hype for her upcoming conceptual debut EP Hue (Spring 2021).

On her upcoming debut EP, each song will represent how a particular colour makes her feel or what it means to her. Vyolet’s new release “Honey” is an excellent proof of her possibilities with that silky and enticing feeling that easily draws you into her world.

“Honey is this luscious, rich state of yellow and gold. For the lyrics, I thought of not only the regal feeling it gives me, but also times when I haven’t felt treated as such. The lyrics try to entice someone who hasn’t seen my full potential yet, selling them on a vision of what we could have together. This is sort of a rewritten history of how I wish I’d responded to someone not seeing my worth–just a casual brag about how much I can bring to someone’s life and how wonderful the world could be if we were together.

She adds, “Honey is my sedated daydream drenched in luxury. When knowing your worth means going after what you want, sure… I’ll show you what I have to offer, even if I’m the prize to be won. The warm tonal bliss reflects the relaxed golden fantasy that we’ll create together if you give in to my sweet temptation.”

Enjoy “Honey” below:

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