With “Business Woman”, Nathy Peluso keeps demonstrating that she is a force to reckon with

Nathy Peluso is one of those artists that have such a unique and intense energy — serving a whole package of visuals, concepts and lyrical concent. Precisely we introduced her to our readers almost two years ago as one of the most promising Latin-American artists out there for 2018.

“Business Woman” is obviously not an exception for that. The aggressive and empowered track is full of massive statements like “Soy una nena mala, una droga asesina, me brillan las tetas, me querés de vecina” or “me llaman porque soy una business woman, tengo negocios que dirigir yo sola, hago guita desde que nací bien piola, me llaman porque soy una business woman”.

For this track (produced by Pedro Campos, Rafa Arcaute and Fede Vindver) she’s embracing the 90s vibe again. Directed by famous duo Bradley & Pablo, there’s a clear inspiration from Jamiroquai, Missy Elliott, Janet among other R&B singers from the 90s and the 00s. She is creating such a vibing and colourful experience with this video.

Get ready to be hypnotised by Nathy Peluso’s energy on “Business Woman” below:

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