You ain’t ready for Christina Aguilera new track ‘Twice’

It was rumoured that Christina Aguilera would release a weekly single and that ‘Accelerate’ was only a “buzz single”. Maybe things would now be very different if this excellent song had made an impression on the radio, be liked by the Spotify editors, but it has not been the case, and here we have the second song taken from ‘Liberation’, Christina Aguilera’s new album.


We changed radically of think and who expected from this album a modern and advanced album, jazzy electronic but current, judging from what was heard in ‘Accelerate’, was wrong.


Aguilera has posed without makeup during the promotion of this album and could not miss the ballad of rigor, at this time questioning whether we will be before a varied album, with singles as disconnected as those of ‘Lotus’, or if that character of “raw persona” announced will act as a common theme of the record. At times a cappella, ‘Twice’ asks about the meaning of life, presents the typical dichotomy “heaven/hell”, “water/fire”, etc., to reveal itself in the refrain as a redemption around our defects.


‘Twice’ will be track 10 of the album while ‘Accelerate’ will be 12. The song with Demi Lovato whose video and performance is highly anticipated, ‘Fall in Line’, will be cut 6. Christina Aguilera has announced this week a tour that will take her to the United States, at the moment without European stop. It will be the singer’s first tour in a decade since the cancellation of the ‘Bionic Tour’ almost a decade ago.


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