You can’t name a more iconic duo than Charli XCX and Christine and the Queen’s new single “Gone”

Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens highly-anticipated collaboration “Gone” is finally here. The existence of this collaboration has been known for a long time, specifically since Charli and Christine premiered live together in the last edition of Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

“Gone” has been officially launched on all streaming platforms and also on YouTube, where you can see the lofty and appealing video, in which Charli and Christine dance defiant in front of each other, tied to a white car or in the rain.

The track speaks of feeling insecure among a group of people, and as a production of A.G. Cook who is the leading producer, although the names of Lotus IV and Ö– also appear accredited, has addictively aggressive but modern identity sound of him. The bridge and the chorus are pure pop fantasy.

Charli XCX will publish her third album Charli on September 13th, after countless delays and the release of two “mixtapes” in 2017. She will also be touring after the release of the album through Europe; you can check the tickets here.

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