Rita Ora Your Song Cover
Rita Ora Your Song Cover

“Your Song” is the comeback we were waiting for Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s music career need a whole book to be explained. After a disastrous intend for a second album – thanks Calvin Harris for that -, she and her discography have only needed more than two years to come back with a good track, to finally start this second album campaign.


“Your Song” a track penned by Ed Sheeran – you can hear him at the chorus – and Steve Mac, is the chosen one to revive Rita Ora’s career at the UK and maybe Europe, with a bit of luck, of course.


The song is surprisingly earworm and pleasant, the lyrics are easy to learn and the melody is exactly what the radio wants for the summer time. Add one or two performances on TV Shows, some radio interviews and a few magazine covers, and Ms. Ora, you maybe have a hit in your hands.


Enjoy “Your Song”:



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