Zahara is back with a bang on the table titled “Hoy la Bestia Cena en Casa”

Zahara has finally shared her highly anticipated new single “Hoy la Bestia Cena en Casa” by this midnight the “radio edit” of her new single, which despite the “radio edit” claim, extends to 4 minutes long.


As we expected from Zahara, this is not a simple song with a constant structure; is a track in continuous change with a lot of hooks and catchy moments like the unexpected “Miau miau suena en mi cabeza / Tus palabras están huecas”.


“Hoy la Bestia Cena en Casa” has a strong eighties background with an eclectic electropop side with a little touch of math-rock guitars, piano, percussion and a clear sentiment of epicness all over it. Also, the outstanding imagery of the video speaks for itself and includes two cameos, the actress Macarena García and Martí Perarnau (co-author of the track).


Zahara’s new album, which we will the follow-up of “Santa”, will be released this fall and will have a deluxe edition.


We couldn’t be happier with “Hoy la Bestia Cena en Casa”, enjoy it below:



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